100+ Services You Can Provide as a Virtual Assistant

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A virtual assistant (or VA) is kind of like a little miracle maker.

In short, a virtual assistant provides online assistance to a business/individual. They are usually specialists in their field and have skills, preferences, and niches they work in.

This means that there’s a lot of scope for a wide variety of tasks virtual assistants can offer. If you excel at something (almost anything, really), you can probably make a living as a virtual assistant. Likewise, if you’re a business owner with some quirky business needs and unsure of how to get the help you need – there’s probably a VA out there who can help. 

Here are 100 services you can provide as a virtual assistant, you can do any combination of the below – so don’t feel defined by the categories!

* and this list is by no means exhaustive!

eCommerce Virtual Assistant

Selling online is big business. And the maintenance of online stores, whether they’re hosted on a client’s website or on something like Amazon or Ali Baba, is time consuming work.

eCommerce VAs specialize in making online stores run smoothly and efficiently.

Types of tasks an eCommerce VA might work on:

  • Shopping cart installation
  • Creating listings on sites such as Etsy, Amazon, Ali Baba, Gumtree, etc
  • Managing listings
  • Promoting sales on social media
  • Editing promotional material
  • Writing SEO-friendly product descriptions
  • Managing store inventory
  • Order processing
  • Customer support
  • Handling returns and exchanges
  • Competitor analysis

    General Admin Virtual Assistant

    Being a general virtual assistant is a specialty in and of itself!

    This type of VA is usually very organized, efficient, and a great communicator.

    Types of tasks a general VA might work on:

    • Email management
    • Data entry
    • Calendar organization
    • Appointment making
    • Answering support tickets
    • File management
    • Make and receive phone calls
    • Personal errands (buy flowers, order take-out, etc)
    • Travel booking
    • Basic bookkeeping
    • Creating SOPS
    • Creating form templates
    • Taking meeting minutes
    • Following up on late payments
    • Research 

    Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant

    Every business who has an online presence needs to be in the marketing game, having a VA with marketing experience is a no-brainer if you’re not well versed on digital techniques. 

    Types of tasks a digital marketing VA might work on:

    • Email marketing
    • Lead generation
    • Funnel design and implementation
    • Inbound or follow up calls
    • Link building
    • On/Off page SEO
    • Competitor analysis
    • Keyword research
    • Networking
    • Researching guest blog/podcast opportunities
    • Paid advertising 

    Graphic Design VA

    Some virtual assistants have awesome graphic design skills.

    They’re usually proficient in one or more graphics software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Premiere Pro, etc.

    Types of tasks a Graphic Design VA might work on:

    • Image content creation for social media and websites
    • Logos
    • Branding boards
    • Promotional material
    • Photo editing
    • Designing slideshows/webinar content
    • eBooks and PDFs

    Real Estate Virtual Assistants

    Real estate VAs are, you guessed it, specialists in the real estate industry. Real estate is actually one of the busiest careers out there. Often realtors complain about not having any time for themselves since they’re conforming to other people’s schedules so often.

    Types of tasks a Real Estate VA might work on:

    • Posting ads on Facebook, Craigslist, Gumtree, etc
    • Making contact with potential renters and buyers with relevant properties
    • Real estate data scraping
    • Making morning reports on latest trends
    • Property research and reports
    • Organizing meetings
    • Organizing open houses
    • Following up with potential clients

    Social Media Virtual Assistant

    This type of VA lives and breathes social media: keeping up on the latest trends, what works, what doesn’t, and knows how your business can get the most out of social media.

    Most social media VAs have a great level of proficiency with Facebook and Instagram, but other platforms you should have a working knowledge of are LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

    Types of tasks a social media VA might work on:

    • Creating social media accounts
    • Researching, creating, and writing social media posts
    • Posting and scheduling social media posts
    • Instagram stories
    • Responding to and engaging with comments and direct messages
    • Measuring analytics and performance reports
    • Keeping an eye on competitors so businesses can stay relevant
    • Growing social media followings
    • Community moderation and engagement
    • Chatbot creation and management
    • Creating and managing ad campaigns
    • Making and monitoring pins on Pinterest
    • Designing templates for posts/pins/stories
    • Hashtag research
    • Social media strategy (depending on skills/training)

      Tech Virtual Assistance

      Tech VAs love all things technological. Computers, websites, systems, automation… you name it, tech VAs drool over it.

      Types of tasks a tech VA might work on:

      • Setting up CRM tools (Dubsado, Acuity, Slack, etc)
      • Email newsletter set-up/maintenance/automation
      • Website creation and maintenance
      • Content formatting
      • Creating landing/sales pages
      • Creating and monitoring automations
      • Course creation
      • Troubleshooting tech hiccups
      • Website coding
      • GDPR compliance
      • Monitoring Google Analytics

      Web Design Virtual Assistant

      Many web designers aren’t classed as virtual assistants, but virtual assistants who have an above average knowledge of website design can offer this for clients. They might also offer web design alongside their virtual assistant services

      Types of tasks a Web Design VA might work on:

      • Website design and optimization
      • Domain name and hosting
      • Ongoing website maintenance and updates

      Writers & Bloggers Virtual Assistant

      Virtual assistants who love of writing can work providing website content and blog maintenance for clients. They might also offer copywriting alongside their VA services.

      Types of tasks a Writers & Bloggers VA might work on:

      • Ghostwriting blog posts
      • Creating social media posts
      • Writing regular newsletters
      • Podcast show notes
      • Uploading blogs to websites
      • Formatting blogs
      • Blog comment maintenance and moderation
      • Editing blog posts
      • Proofreading
      • Grant proposals
      • Letter writing
      • Podcast scripts
      • Press releases
      • Resume writing
      • Website and sales page copywriting

      Other Virtual Assistant Tasks

      Of course, you might have some skills that don’t necessarily fit into one of the above titles. And that’s perfectly okay!

      The brilliance of being a virtual assistant is that you can literally create the perfect job for you and offer only the things that you’re awesome at.

      Some other tasks you might work on:

      • Transcription
      • Translation
      • Project management
      • Event planning
      • Business strategy
      • Brainstorming sessions
      • Google Suite organization
      • Podcast editing
      • Video editing
      • Webinar setup
      • Video tutorials
      • Podcast maintenance
      • Making online quizzes
      • eBook promotion
      • Creating and managing live events
      • Hiring and training other VAs
      • Giveaway management

      Final Notes…

      I don’t recommend you know even a fraction of all of these tasks.

      In fact, at Digital Nomad Kit we train you to develop a few key services that make best use of what you’re already good at and to start selling services to people in your existing network!

      Want to know how? Join the next 5 Day VA Challenge, it’s totally free!

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      Author: Hannah Dixon
      Hannah Dixon is a Business Coach, Recruiter, and Founder of Digital Nomad Kit and The Virtual Excellence Academy (VEA). The VEA is a leading educational program and diverse global community that has honed the skills and confidence of over 30,000+ virtual assistants and freelancers. Committed to ethical hiring practices, she also provides VIP recruitment services. Hannah views freelancing and self-leadership as potent tools for social change, empowering anyone, anywhere, to unlock potential and create life-changing opportunities. As a 16-year digital nomad, she speaks internationally, demonstrating progressive business and lifestyle approaches, and powerfully compelling audiences to action.

      But, how?


      1. Jennifer

        This post is AWESOME! I’m spinning with ideas on what to offer as a VA. Thanks Hannah!

        • Hannah Dixon

          So glad you’ve found it helpful Jennifer!

          • Elizabeth

            Great article. Definitely defined a few extra tasks I can add to my service list. Thanks Hannah

          • Beni

            Hey Hannah great read. Any advice on a free VA course?

            • Hannah Dixon

              Glad you enjoyed it! Yes – I run my free 5 Day VA Challenge program every few months. I’ve trained over 8000+ people through it. Here’s the link to sign up for the next one.

      2. Vyctoria Gosney

        I didn’t even think of offering travel booking services 🤦🏻‍♀️

      3. Elaine

        Definitely lots of food for thought there Hannah 🙂

      4. John Signe

        Great read! I found it so helpful and it gave me so many insights! Thanks for sharing this.

        • Hannah Dixon

          You’re so welcome. Glad you found it helpful!

      5. Florence W Nyoike

        I’m just getting started and ready to soak in all the information I can to move on to the next level and into my VA business. Super excited. Thank you Hannah. Glad I found DNK

        • Hannah Dixon

          We’re glad you found us too Florence, it’s a delight having you in the Inner Circle!

      6. Samantha Hamblin

        Everything is briefly explained and very helpful. Thank you!

      7. Steve Ponting

        Great list Hannah!

        Everything has been written so organized and thoroughly. I am into VA business and will definitely love to share this with my co-workers and clients.

      8. Michelle @ FrugalityandFreedom

        I was excited to read this post, Hannah. I had a vague notion that I have some skills but this post really helped me to pinpoint how they could be used and what category of VA I could be – somewhere between social media, travel planning, event planning and writing VA. Cramming your 5 Day VA course right now and loving it so far.

        • Hannah Dixon

          Super happy this helped Michelle, have loved watching you go from strength to strength!

          • Laura

            Hi Hannah! I love your excitement. I am in the process of creating a SOP manuel by merging three fields into one VA profession making it my own to uniquely reach people. My question is, I recently joined LinkedIn…there is so much hate about VA’s. How can I prove them wrong. Mind you, I am not a real fan of that site. It does not seem to be what it was intended for. I know the field of VA has a unique oppertunity but how can we market it.

      9. Abhijit Chutia

        Good article, Hannah! These are the best examples of virtual assistant services any business owner can.

        Best – Abhijit Chutia

      10. Lynda

        Thank you. Great ideas

      11. Deepak

        Hey Hannah, that’s such an amazing & extensive list. But I feel I can’t do any of them perfectly enough to get paid for. Lately i’ve been playing around with sales funnel software Clickfunnels where i can set thing up but i’m neither a designer nor a copywriter.

      12. Sharon Labaclado

        Thank you Hannah! This adds more confidence to me to pursue my VA career. I know I have the knowledge but hesitant because I am very new to freelancing. More power DNK!

        • Camille

          I am new in freelancing and this definitely helps me a lot. I don’t have knowledge in becoming one, and actually im hesitant at first and don’t have the confidence but i trust myself and I’m eager to learn and try new approaches! Thank you for this!

      13. Sam Curran

        Each & every module is explained very briefly! Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information that I really want in the future!


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