Selling Your VA Services Ethically During a Global Pandemic

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There’s no doubting the uncertainty that’s hanging in the air with the world’s current state of affairs. And while there’s been talk for a long old time about the future of work being remote, it would appear the future is upon us much sooner than anyone could have predicted. 

A huge wave of businesses and workers are being forcefully made to work remote – and to be honest – I feel like this isn’t the worst side effect of the coronavirus. 

With how suddenly this has all come about though, there are thousands of people scrambling in a confused manner to digitize their company communications, assets and much more. This my friends, means that the saying:

‘Selling is Service’

Is much more relevant and important than ever before. It’d be easy to feel like continuing to market and sell your VA or freelance services might come off as ‘sleazy’ or ‘ inappropriate’ but I’m here to give you four MASSIVE reasons that it’s absolutely not. 

Reasons to keep marketing and selling…

  1. The world NEEDS your expertise right now. It’s your duty to step up and help where you can. You are uniquely positioned to assist under the circumstances so many are now finding themselves in.
  2. The global economy is going to shit – the digital economy doesn’t and shouldn’t have to. Let’s keep money in circulation for services that are much needed right now.
  3. You would be letting yourself and your clients and potential clients down by succumbing to the negative onslaught of news right now, while business as usual is not the name of the game, keeping a sense of normalcy and composure in the face of crisis is so very needed.
  4. You might be feeling like you need to give help for free right now (we’ll address this later) but the fact remains that there are businesses and even individuals who have funds freed up to take on outside help. You don’t need to act as a charity, but you can help where you’re able to (again, more coming on this).

Feeling sleazy?

Firstly, let’s address that concern about feeling sleazy. Here’s the thing, so long as you are actively selling a service that HELPS people and isn’t taking advantage of the situation, you’re in the good place. 

I understand this feeling all too well, but when I felt into what I do and how I help, I could not NOT show up. Take this post regarding my upcoming 5 Day VA Challenge as an example. 

If you’re feeling like what you’re selling isn’t a fit for the times, adjust accordingly. Although, I would say without much hesitation that the majority of popular VA services are very much appropriate. If you were selling essential oils and claiming that they will help with your immune system or something to that effect, I’d be taking issue with that. 

But you’re not. So that’s that. 

Now that we’ve established that it’s your DUTY to keep showing up…


Here are my DON’Ts for marketing and selling right now:

  • Don’t go about things like it’s business as usual. Not addressing the coronavirus situation will feel like a huge omission of reality. Tap into the pulse of what’s going on. Your clients and potential clients will be feeling on edge, how can you make them feel less so? 
  • Don’t use fear or scarcity tactics in this fragile time. You can be assertive in your offers only from a place of integrity and honesty. There ARE going to be people who cannot afford to spend right now, don’t encourage unnecessary spending when you know for fact that it’s going to put additional strain on them. This should stand regardless of the situation, but I feel it needs highlighting right now. 
  • Do not make any false claims on COVID-19 facts, opinions or anything that may stir the pot, nor claim that any of your work in any of its forms will help in any way to alleviate the current crisis. 
  • Do not use this as an opportunity to hike your prices up. Simple as that.

Here’s are some DO’s:

  • Create content that helps your particular niche through this specific period of time. Whether in the form of freebies, resources or even simply social media posts. 
  • Do reach out to business owners personally to ask if they need assistance. You can be even more ballsy than before right now, people NEED your help. Don’t forget this fundamental fact. Many businesses and institutions are not even aware of the type of help they need, ASK THEM, TELL THEM. 
  • Do create attractive offers and win-win deals with people and small businesses who are being financially impacted at this time. They still need the help, but perhaps you can have a payment plan in place, or a temporary freeze on your current hours for existing clients, or, if you believe in the cause your clients represent, you could offer to do a LITTLE pro bono work with the intent of moving into a paid position in the coming months. I want to stress on the ‘A LITTLE’ – because you, my friends, are also business owners, and while I do believe this is a time to be more giving and generous than ever, you have a life and bills to pay for too. Give where you are able to without huge sacrifice. 
  • Create opportunities to educate people on the wonders of getting expert (yep, that’s you) support for seamless transitions into a remote working culture. Remember you are experienced in this, and you are being called to step up. 
  • Do contact local businesses and institutions who you know may be struggling right now. 
  • Do show up MORE than you would normally. The world is sat at home, scrolling social media, and your message and knowledge needs to be heard. I promise you. 

Additional services to consider offering at this time

While it would be absolutely irresponsible of me to not address the fact that ALL of us, no matter the industry or profession, will be impacted to a degree right now, us online biz owners are again in a unique position where we are able to play with our offers and sources of income a lot. I’m not saying to make a full on pivot, not at all, but here are two additional income stream types that might make sense for you to explore:

  1. Consulting:

There are going to be a lot of companies, and even governmental offices, who need assistance right now. While they may not have a budget for ongoing support, they may want someone who knows the ins and outs on, for example, communication tools for working remotely, to come in and do a live tutorial or consultation with their team to get them ready for remote. Topics you could provide consulting on:

  • Communication tools
  • Digitizing assets
  • Security when working remote
  • Productivity when working remote
  • General administrative tasks moved to online tools
  • Invoicing, billing, payroll done remotely
  • And many more….make a quick list yourself based on your skillset. 
  1. Infoproducts:

In the same way that many organizations may not wish to hire for ongoing help, digital products in the form of a short course, ebook, training series or else covering topics like the above would be a fantastic low-cost way for people to get the information they need to keep running their show seamlessly and lining your pockets with some extra, well deserved, dollar bills.


Let me reiterate, now, more than ever, your knowledge is necessary. Show up, be of service and remember that:


Just in the beginning stages of your VA career? Or ready to get some new insights and clarity amid the current global crisis? I’m running our famous FREE 5 Day Va Challenge on March 23rd. Get signed up here. 

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