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Empowering Virtual Assistants to design a life and business that is profitable and fulfilling


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 Future-Proof Your Career

The VA Starter Kit is THE business building course for both beginners in the online space and those who are ready to raise the bar and are tired. Tired of applying to fruitless low-paid gigs on Upwork, tired of working the 9-to-5, tired of working without the reward of your ideal lifestyle. We teach you the stuff that’ll set up you with strong foundations for long-term business success, whether you just want to work from home or want to travel the world!

Virtual Assistance is a profession that is ever-growing in demand, so whether you’re after more autonomy, uncapped earning potential, no max holiday limits or you just want a change from the desk view, The VA Starter Kit is your ticket to freedom. This is the future of work!

What Students are Saying…

The VA Starter Kit, changed my life in less than two months!
I was a nomad teaching English online when I lost almost 80% of my students because of the pandemic. I didn’t know how to survive the next month when I found Hannah’s 5-day-VA challenge on Google. I signed up, and after only one week, I had grown so much and came out of my comfort zone. I even made some dear friends there. The investment I made after that, signing up for the VA Starter Kit, changed my life in less than two months! I am now a fully booked Virtual Assistant, already made the money back, and no more worries about making it through the next month.

Wiebke Uhlendorf, Virtual Assistant

The VA Starter Kit transformed my life.
Working as a freelancer for over a decade I was searching for how to take my career to the next level. Taking the 5 Day VA Challenge, and joining The VA Starter Kit was an absolutely game-changer for me. During a pandemic, I was earning more than ever and the clients keep coming. Without a doubt, this course was an incredible investment! Hannah is a spectacular mentor, the Inner Circle is the best community I’ve ever been a part of and The VA Starter Kit itself is extremely thorough in offering all the information you need to keep started in a fast and effective way. There’s no better VA course out there!

Stephanie Desquarre VA
Alicia R Thomas, Artist & Virtual Assistant

The VA starter kit program has proven to be the best investment I’ve ever made.
Signing up for the 5 day VA challenge and later enrolling in the VA starter kit program has proven to be the best investment I’ve ever made.
It gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to start the online career I always wanted. After finishing the course and despite this Covid-19 world crisis, I managed to sign up my first contract with a big client.

Hannah is an amazing mentor and her VA training program is simply the best!

Fernanda Delgado, Virtual Assistant

I'm already matching my income a few months down the line!
My contract as an employee didn’t get extended due to the pandemic so it gave me the kick up the butt I needed to take my business full-time and I’m already matching my income a few months down the line!

Elise Velkeneers, Virtual Assistant

I started out at zero income and am at $2000 a month now on a retainer.

It all came about from the original 5 day challenge in March. I followed through on sending out facebook messages and emails to people in my network asking for feedback on the new services I was offering. It worked out that one person responded saying they were opening a new company and launching a new product and could use all of the services I was offering!

Amber Daughn, Virtual Assistant

You never feel alone or in the dark.

Easily one the greatest investments you could make if you are looking to make the jump to virtual assistance. Hannah is a fantastic mentor and she’s created such an amazing network that you never feel alone or in the dark.

Thom Knight, Virtual Assistant

What’s Included?

interactive worksheets



Everything you need…

… and nothing you don’t.

The VA Starter Kit is the best place for VAs and digital service providers to find their feet and THRIVE. We don’t have anything in this program that is ‘filler’ content. We provide you exactly what you need to succeed as a VA/Freelancer. Including a kick-ass community that has your back.

Over the years we realized a very clear pattern, that most VA and freelance businesses fail due to poor business planning. This program focuses heavily on the business side of things, from how to find, communicate with, and keep high-quality clients, to contracts, setting boundaries, pricing and marketing yourself in an ongoing and innovative way. Our support community is a place where you’ll find endless inspiration, job opportunities, and friendships that’ll be by your side at every stage of your career.

This program is not only packed with everything below, but it’s also updated to include important additions as and when they become necessary, often by popular demand from our thriving community, at no additional cost to you!

What’s Inside?


How to optimize your workspace


A list of 75+ of the best Facebook groups to help you get visible NOW!


Swipe files for VA contracts and terms & conditions


Learn how to conduct your first conversation with prospects


How to create engaging content for your business


Training on how to gain immediate visibility as a VA

How to talk money with prospects with guest expert Jade Jemma

Discover skills you already have and can get paid for


How to effectively use Google Apps for business


Graphic design tools and skills module

Money magnetism RTT session (this is SO powerful!!!)

All the best resources for specialized areas (e.g. copywriting)

Learn how to make your clients LOVE you and never leave

A whole module dedicated to overcoming fears in business

Access to our best productivity hacks

Learn project management and CRM tools

Learn the three best ways you can price your services

Learn the DNK pricing method that wins the client every time


Learn how to track your time and produce beautiful reports


Help figuring out who you want to work with and how

Access to our match-making directory and exclusive job listing for students only


LIFETIME access to all content INCLUDING all future updates and additions

Exclusive access to our Inner Circle Facebook family at no additional cost 

Become a member...

...of the Inner Circle

When you invest in The VA Starter Kit, you also gain exclusive access to our incredible support community, The Inner Circle, to fuel your success at every stage. You'll learn, collaborate, make friends, have tons of fun, and feel unequivocally supported in all your VA endeavors. Inner Circle members are highly regarded in the online business space and you will be too. 

What's goes on in the Inner Circle?

  • Job listings from reputable clients looking to work with you
  • Exclusively sourced (by Hannah) job opportunities with high quality clients
  • Q&A live sessions with Hannah every 2-3 weeks
  • Your questions answered, day and night by the community and team
  • Weekly Coworking with your Inner Circle peers
  • Random challenges & initiatives to further your career
  • Monthly self-care sessions with Kim
  • An intimate community to rely on throughout your career
  • Zoom socials - student organized digital conferences
  • Daily motivational themes
  • The most relaxed but productive family of VAs to support you always


Exclusive Job Opportunities

To make the Inner Circle and VA Starter Kit experience even more epic, Team DNK make it their priority to bring exceptional jobs to the community on a regular basis. We have a thorough vetting system to ensure that only great clients who value the work of our wonderful VAs are able to post their job roles. You won't have to find yourself fighting to prove your value or being asked to work for free, none of that nonsense here. We look after our graduates!

Live Q&A Sessions with Hannah

Every two/three weeks you get the opportunity to ask Hannah anything at all! These sessions are not only educational in nature, but often a really fun occasion for the group to come together.

Hannah is really an open book so not only do we cover VA and freelance business topics, but also the ups and downs of working for yourself. It doesn't get more real than over in the Inner Circle. Some classic Q&A moments: random hot seat invites from Hannah, Hannah falling in a lake live and cartwheel challenges!

Weekly Co-working

The coolest thing about the Inner Circle is our members! They really take ownership of this community like no other. A recent addition to the group is the occurrence of digital co-working. This has proved insanely beneficial for many members who are getting way more work done with an extra layer of accountability. That's the fun part of being in this group, it's ever-evolving to meet the needs of members at any time.

Monthly Self-Care Sessions

Our resident self-care guru, Kim Gorchs, conducts beautiful, relaxing and restorative self-care sessions for the Inner Circle community. We know that when you become a business owner, it's easy to neglect your physical and mental health while you move forward with excitement. We have always encouraged a holistic move into a career by design, and in order to fully embody this notion, Kim jumped on board and people LOVE her sessions. Expect yoga, meditation, breath work and plenty of different techniques to help bring you into balance.

👑 The Presidency 👑

Inside the Inner Circle we have an optional fun and educational experience for students. Members can nominate themselves, or another, for the 6 week Inner Circle presidency. During their presidency, the elected candidate has full reign to implement fun initiatives for the group, to support their peers and gain invaluable community management experience - resulting in a testimonial from myself and a platform from which you can make yourself known for collaborations and opportunities! The presidency makes for a unique, collaborative community where no one is left behind and there's alway a new fun thing to do for the group! 🙂

And you get ALL of this at no additional cost.

We believe in the power of community when working online and we are ready to welcome you in with open arms. We pride ourselves on being really community-focused and ensure that the group is accessible, so no monthly fees like many other programs out there. We do have a voluntary contribution based-system that anyone is open to take part in down the line, which goes directly towards maintaining this super valuable group.  There's endless power in having this network, from job opportunities, collaborations, and access to experts to answer your questions every step of the way.  

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Meetups & Events

The folks over in the Inner Circle have formed amazing friendships and professional collaborations in a short space of time – and they’re waiting to welcome you in!

In 2018-2019 alone, I personally met with DNK Starter Kit students 48 times – and that’s not counting the student-led meetups across the globe that occurred without me (how rude haha). From Budapest, to Bangkok, Mexico City, NYC, Lisbon and beyond – we’re sprinkled all over the globe. If adventure calls you, they’ll be somewhere to share the experience with.

If you’re after real, living people to support you on your VA and Freelance journey – but also people you could have hangouts and vacations with as you delve into the nomad space. We are your people. We look forward to a fully post-Covid world because the DNK crew like to have FUN!

Full Curriculum

See the full extended curriculum of our signature standalone course, The VA Starter Kit:

Module 1: Welcome & Orientation


  • Welcome Video (2:55)
  • Inner Circle Road Map
Module 2: Workspace Setup


  • Introduction (0:43)
  • An Easy Daily Planner (6:00)
  • Clean Computer, Clean Mind – for PC Users Only (2:33)
  • Google is Your Friend – Part 1 (10:31)
  • Google is Your Friend – Part 2 (10:20)
  • Secure Password Sharing (12:29)
Module 3: The Foundations


  • Introduction
  • Your Who, How and Why (3:05)
  • Explore Your Why
  • Identify Your Existing Skills
  • Your Ideal Client & You
  • Naming Your VA Business
  • Optimizing Your Personal Profiles
  • Why You Need a Facebook Business Page (2:53)
  • Creating Your Page (6:07)
  • Canva & Mobile Responsive Cover Image (10:03)
  • Facebook Page Cover Template & How to Use it
  • Sourcing Shareable Content
  • QUIZ!
  • Introduction to Relationship Marketing
  • 75+ Facebook Groups to Grow Your Biz (1:09)
  • Introductions for Impact
  • Reaching Out to Your Existing Network
  • QUIZ!
  • Practice Your Declaration on Real People – Final Foundations Task
  • BONUS LinkedIn Tips with Sami Gardner (36:56)
Module 4: Client Communications


  • Overview (1:49)
  • Essential Voice & Video Tools & Apps (6:33)
  • Zoom Essentials with Monika (18:25)
  • Discovery Calls – What, Why & How (5:12)
  • Pitching Like a Pro with Jade Jemma (29:55)
  • Discovery Calls – Questions You Need to Be Asking
  • Discovery Calls – Challenge
  • Time Tracking (2:48)
  • Swipe Files: Contracts & T&CS
  • Client Retention Strategies
  • Start Slacking: The Best Tool for Day to Day Communications (22:31)
  • Project Management Using Trello (16:57)
  • Project Management with Asana (21:28)
  • Loom Video Sharing with Monika (10:37)
  • Dubsado, a CRM for Virtual Assistants (58:45)
  • BONUS VIDEO: Client Perspectives (57:46)
  • How to Avoid Job Scams
Module 5: Money Matters


  • Three Pricing Models (7:37)
  • The DNK Pricing Strategy To Win Clients Over
  • The Hourly Base Rate Calculator
  • Your Skill Level Should Reflect in Your Rates – Benchmarks
  • Getting Paid Made Simple (8:11)
Module 6: Networking & Job Applications


  • Networking Know-how for In-Person Events
  • Applying to Remote Jobs Posts as A Freelancer/VA
  • Applying to Job Advertisements on Social Media
  • Your Immediate Network aka The Pool Method
Module 7: Content Creation & Marketing for VAs & Freelancers


  • Introduction (0:23)
  • What Is Content and Why Is It SO Important? (1:01)
  • The 3 Content Commandments
  • On Topic: Discovering YOUR Best Topics
  • The Content YOU Need to Be Creating
  • Staying Current: Newsjacking
  • Authority Content & Repurposing
Module 8: Tools & Resources


  • Copywriting and eBook Tools & Resources
  • Graphic Design Tools and Resources
  • Audio/Podcasting Tools & Resources
  • Video Tools and Resources
Module 9: Graphic Design for VAs


  • Canva Deep Dive with Monika (48:28)
  • Introducing Adobe Photoshop with Alicia (13:31)
  • Introducing Adobe Illustrator with Alicia (12:12)
  • Graphic Design Resources
  • Bonus: Extended List of Free Stock Photos
  • Bonus: How to Identify Any Color on Your Screen Quickly! (2:16)
  • Bonus: How to Quickly Identify Any Font on a Website (1:11)
Livestream #replay Vault


  • Hiring Your First Virtual Assistant Intelligently & Ethically

  • Pop-Up Resume Overhaul with Taylor Lane

  • 3 Simple Client Retention Strategies for Freelancers

  • The Power of Personal Branding with Conni Biesalski

  • How to Build an Instagram Page that Turns Followers into Clients

  • Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile with Sami Gardner

  • Starting Your VA Business from Scratch – What You DO and DON’T Need (59:31)

Bonus: Rapid Breakthrough Therapy with Denise


  • Introduction
  • PART 1: Full Rapid Breakthrough Therapy Session (103:35)
  • PART 2: Rapid Breakthrough Therapy 21 Day Meditation
Bonus: The Fear Mastery Set with Nicole


  • Introduction (0:48)
  • The Science of Fear
  • Overcome Your Fears: Mind Journey
  • Overcome Your Fears: Conquer Your Fears Journal Instructions
  • Overcome Your Fears: Conquer Your Fears Journal
  • Resource: Meditation Apps
Bonus: Self-Care with Kim Gorchs


  • Why Self-care?
  • Coming back to your why
  • Self-care session vault
The Community and More!


  • Join the Inner Circle
  • Register for Job Matching Opportunities
  • Make Money with DNK
  • Bonus DNX Talk: How to Create Success as a Service Provider by Embracing Your Weird and Ignoring What Everyone Else Is Doing (29:28)

I started my journey to become a freelancer in 2017. I have learned not to undersell myself in that time and by June 2019 I started making €7500 a month on a six month contract that has already been renewed twice I am feeling very valued by the company I work with and it feels much more like a partnership than a classic employer-employee relationship. It has also given me soooo much freedom to work from wherever I please The DNK community is very valuable to me!

Veronika Schustek

Hannah’s course is well thought out and the approach is professional as well as being friendly and supportive so that everyone feels comfortable enough to take the leap. I think there’s a lot of noise out there but this is a bankable bet if you’re looking to get started.

Claire Coombes

By providing us the tools, the energy, explanations, examples of clients expectations and a clear understanding of the digital nomad world, The VA Starter Kit has helped transform my life in a very short time.

Stephanie Desquerre

What’s inside the Legacy Kit?


The Legacy Kit is ALL of our VA business building programs bundled together at a very attractive price point. See everything you get inside then scroll down to see pricing options!

You can purchase the VA Starter Kit as a standalone course, or you could power up and get everything we have to offer in one neat package with over $500 in savings!

VA Starter Kit $549

Of course:
The big show-stopper, our VA Starter Kit program and all it entails as detailed on this page 🙂

WordPress Kit $349

Build your own VA website with this step by step course from Hannah & Monika. Includes the Divi theme ($249 value alone) and equips you with the skills to offer web support to your clients! Win win!

Podcast Management Kit $299

This is a brand new and very extensive course and it is going to be an absolute hit. Podcast VAs are in DEMAND!

Twitter Mastery $99

Delivered by social media queen Katie Tovey-Grindlay, this mini course take your through using Twitter for business with some extra cool hacks for getting media mentions too!

Contracts+ Bundle $59

Making your life easier with 3 variations of contracts for different payment scenarios. We have a service sheet that can work as a quick way to showcase your offers to potential clients and a proposal template too!

Sales and Marketing Mastery Workshop $49

Learn the difference between sales & marketing, various avenues to market your business based on your niche and some important sales tips. One of our most popular classes to date!

Niching Masterclass $49

Ahhh niching, the thing we all struggle with at some point. This in-depth masterclass will go through all the reasons why niching is important then some strategies to niche like a pro!

Facebook Networking Bundle $35

Includes an extensive ebook covering insider tips on how to use Facebook to build a bountiful business network which gets you more leads, referrals and money!

Lifetime Support – PRICELESS

Our Inner Circle is where it’s at.
Gain lifetime access to Q&As, community, support and fun on your VA journey –  the whole way!

Get over $500 off The Legacy Kit this Black Friday!





Packages & Pricing Plans

Snap up our courses with Black Friday deals! Plans starting at $99 a month for split pay!

Free Bonus #1

Clients on Demand Course

Value of $99 – you get it for FREE on all plans!

Clients on Demand is a fully comprehensive course detailing 15 ways to land dreamy clients with examples. Super actionable and powerful!

Free Bonus #2

Clients Experience Session

Value of $25 – you get it for FREE on all plans!

90 live webinar (recording available if you cannot attend) happening in December (date tbd). Learn tips and tricks to make clients LOVE working with you at every stage of the client journey. 


At DNK, we are committed to your continued success and want you to feel confident about your choice to invest in this program. 

Here are some common questions we receive regarding the VA Starter Kit. You can always contact us for anything else at

What are the requirements for this course?

A laptop, WiFi connection, and desire to become a VA with a thriving business! A basic understanding of how to use social media is helpful.

When can I start working as a VA?

Essentially you could get started as soon as, well, now, and we recommend it! This course will help you realize your existing skills and empower you with the tools, tech and know-how to get paid for them now!

What if I need extra support?

Our support community is full of amazing VAs who are at the ready to help newbies, along with myself and guest trainers. If you need one to one help I am available to provide one-off sessions.  

Are there any age restrictions?

Absolutely not! We are fully inclusive and everybody is welcome here, we have people from ages 18-72 currently!

How is the course delivered?

You’ll gain access to your own learning portal where all your course materials are held. There is also a private Facebook community where our VA family hangs out day and night. This is a self-paced course and you have lifetime access to all content. People often refer back to course content throughout their career as needed.

We are actively in the process of ensuring maximum accessibility for our programs and this is an ongoing work in progress.


…to get started?

Snap up our courses with Black Friday deals!


Design as a VA

I am really happy that I took the leap and I kind of regret I didn’t do it earlier. Hannah’s course changed my life, I finally quit my job and I am now working from home, or from wherever I want. A year ago this was a dream. 

– Gabriela G Valdez

Hannah covers EVERYTHING you need to know to get the ball rolling. I now have 7 clients, I am booked out and it is all thanks to the Digital Nomad Kit that helped guide me, provided me with the information I needed to get everything set up.

Brittany Rossi

Need a contract? I open the starter kit. Need some directions about anything? Open the starter kit. Need support? Open the group page. It’s my daily go-to. Thanks Hannah!

Meg Rouje

Core Values

...aka what makes us different?

Diversity & Inclusion

As a fully woman & LGBTQIA+ led team, we 're naturally doing the damn work to ensure a safe space for all and doing our utmost to elevate the voices of oppressed groups.

Fair Pay Advocacy

We don't subscribe the narrative of 'how much can I get for my money by exploiting those less privileged'. We're about creating standards of excellence across borders.

'Embrace Your Weird'

It's our motto. You can even get the T-shirt. We train VAs from a place of acceptance of self, all quirks included. Employers come to us seeking unique, confident VAs.

Meaningful Community

Co-working, retreats, difficult conversations, friendship and more. We provide a sanctuary in our VA support community where everyone matters and connection thrives.


Hannah Dixon is a Virtual Assistant Coach & Match-Maker running one of the largest and longest running VA training platforms, Digital Nomad Kit. She’s trained over 14,000 VAs who go on to work with top entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Hannah focuses on creating standards of excellence in the remote work space with regards to ethical pay, diversity, and creating meaningful communities. This has elevated her position as the go-to person for hiring ethically and intelligently.


After 13 years of continuous travel, she’s a staple in the digital nomad scene and has been featured in The James Altucher Report, iNews, Thrive Global, DNX and numerous other media outlets and stages on travel and entrepreneurship.