Top 10 Most In-Demand Virtual Assistant Services Right Now

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You want to start your virtual assistant business but you also want to know what services are most in-demand at this very minute, right?

The great thing about being a virtual assistant is that you can create a service that you not only love to provide, but that clients are desperate to hire for. You can literally be any of these things and call yourself these titles or be a virtual assistant who specializes in them. It’s all semantics.

Business owners hire virtual assistants to perform jobs that they either don’t have the time or the skill to do, or they just plain old don’t like to do them!

Here’s what’s hot in the virtual assistant space right now.


Business owners outsource their content writing to someone to whom writing comes more naturally and flows easier. Examples of some copywriting services for virtual assistants are blog posts, newsletters, podcast show notes, social media copy, website content, landing pages… basically, you name it, if it has words on it, copywriters can cover it.

Because copywriting is a more skilled job, you can expect to charge more for this service. In fact, you’ll probably work within packages and parameters as opposed to an hourly rate. Most copywriters will work to deadlines as well, instead of on-demand writing.

Copywriting is a lucrative business and definitely something to consider if you love writing and know it comes easily and naturally to you.

    Digital Marketing All-Rounders

    Digital marketing services are so needed when you’re an online business owner. And many, maybe even most, entrepreneurs don’t actually have the digital marketing skills they need to make their business successful.

    The digital marketing services you can offer as a virtual assistant are also high-level skills. This means higher paid and, more often than not, at a package or service-based level.

    What falls into digital marketing all-rounder services?

    Sales funnel creation or consulting, where you build out a strategy for how a business owner will sell their product or course. This usually involves email marketing, landing pages, sales pages and all the technical set up for payment processing. Consulting on this walks the client through this themselves, however, you can do the actual creation and implementation for them… at a much higher price point. Often digital marketing all rounders have at least a little knowledge on things like FB ads and analytics in order to be effective at what they do. 

    Digital marketing VAs often offer tech services as well, for after funnel completion care. Making sure there are no snags in the funnel process on an ongoing basis, keeping everything updated, and overall just making sure everything’s running smoothly.

    General Admin

    Even though these virtual assistants do general admin, they’re nothing general – they’re a specialty in and of themselves!

    General Admin VAs are extremely organized, great communicators, and time-efficient. Usually, general VAs charge an hourly rate with hourly packages agreed on a monthly retainer basis.

    As a general VA, some of the services you can offer are email and inbox management, research, data and file management, basic bookkeeping, template creation, and lots of other little, adhoc tasks a business owner needs assistance with. Being proficient at multi-tasking and enjoying variety is key here. 

    Graphic Design

    Virtual assistants who offer graphic design are always in demand.

    While most online business owners have some degree of Canva knowledge, not everyone can create the types of graphics that actually catch potential clients’ eyes.

    To truly stand out in a crowded online environment, outstanding graphics are necessary! Graphic design is another mid-to high-level offering that with more and more experience can bring in the big bucks. 

    Examples of some graphics that are common requests from graphic design VAs are blog covers, social media posts or templates, workbooks, logos, webinar design, and photo editing.

    Online Business Management

    When online business owners feel like they’re completely maxed out and just don’t know how to grow their business anymore, despite hiring multiple virtual assistants, they might look to hire an online business manager (OBM).

    An OBM essentially is responsible for the day-to-day management of all projects, metrics, and operations of an online business, including a team of other VAs. Think of an OBM the same way you would a manager in a busy office or even a retail store. They’re responsible for everything that goes on, they make some decisions, but at the end of it all, they don’t own the business.

    In general, Online Business Managers are paid a regular base rate with an incentive structure. The more money you can bring in with the team you hire and work with, the more you’ll be paid.

    Pinterest Management

    Virtual assistants who help business owners set up and use Pinterest for marketing purposes are so hot right now. There’s actually a severe lack of them too.

    Pinterest is a huge visual search engine that can drive a lot of traffic to websites, courses, and more. It’s a platform favored by bloggers, but it’s not limited to bloggers. In fact, more and more online entrepreneurs are moving into the Pinterest atmosphere to reach more of their potential audience.

    Pinterest Management VAs can decide themselves whether they want to charge their services hourly or as a monthly package.

    Podcast Support

    Is it just me, or is almost every business owner out there starting a podcast these days?

    There’s no wonder though because podcasts are an awesome way to market and grow a business. Podcasts work as an extension of a business, helping to nurture existing clients, and also a lead generation tool, to bring new clients to the podcast host.

    Podcast support VAs can help work on most aspects of a podcast, depending on how specialized the support needs to be. Examples of Podcast support VA work is basic podcast editing, uploading to the podcast hosting platform, writing show notes, and creating the podcast post on the website.

    Podcast support can be charged in so many ways, depending on what the client needs. You can have a per podcast or per minute rate or charge hourly.

    SEO Management

    SEO management is definitely up there as a high-level skill and is often charged as a package rate or monthly retainer. It definitely ranks as some of the most highly paid work in the freelance field. 

    Keyword research is a time-consuming process involving some pretty expensive tools. And that’s only part of the job of an SEO management VA. The rest involves weaving keywords through existing content, making sure that the keywords remain relevant, and ensuring all future content includes the target keywords.

    SEO management is essential for businesses to rank high on search engines so that potential clients can actually find their services.

    If you want to learn about SEO and how you can make an absolute killing with it, I highly recommend taking Kari’s course, Rise & Convert. 

    Social Media Marketing

    Social media is the bane of many business owner’s existences. Trust me.

    Social media marketing VAs don’t necessarily have to write or create social media posts – though that can absolutely be part of the services. They’re responsible for tracking post metrics, making tweaks and changes to the posting schedule, creating and managing ad campaigns, moderating communities, and growing a business’s social media following… all of these services across multiple social media platforms.

    Social media marketing VAs can charge both hourly or package based rates and usually fall in the mid-level price range, depending on the services offered.

    There you have it…

    These are the most in-demand virtual assistant services right now!

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