February 26th at 4pm London time!

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The Key Difference

I know, I know, you want to provide services to everyone and anyone, after all you’re talented and have lots to share!

In this workshop, you’ll learn why it’s so important that you find your specific target market in order to be truly successful in business.

This is something that most new business owners have a difficult time with. When you’re new in business, it’s easy to want to be available to work with everyone!

But friends, let me tell you…

If you’re marketing your services to everyone, you’re really talking to no one.

Nope, not a soul.

This workshop is an intimate one.

Ticket sales are limited and there will be time for every single participant to have one-on-one time hot seat time with me to really dig deep into who you want to work with and why.


Having this figured out is the key difference in making this work, and clawing through Facebook groups hoping someone will bite one of your sweet offers. Stop guessing, start having clients chase you and start to become KNOWN in your niche. 


It just wasn’t working

Hi, I’m Hannah and I was once in your position.  I didn’t know how to get noticed and it seemed that no one wanted to give me a chance. This just wasn’t working the way I’d hoped. Luckily, my resilient nature kicked in. This was going to work.

I worked hard, I studied hard, I used my extensive offline experience in sales and PR and applied it online. After only 8 months as a VA, I was fully booked,  I was subcontracting out much of my work and taking deposits for future assignments. 

I had an endless supply of high-value clients. And if I wanted, I could tap into this network to top-up my income at any time. Before I knew it, $5-10k months were the norm and I tried my hand at training others VAs so they could see this same kind of success. It worked!

I’ve trained over 8500 VAs to date, and in this masterclass I will be giving you all my best tips on how to niche effectively, how to find where the money is, clients that value you and to make this career truly rewarding. 

What to expect

This will be a digital masterclass where I’ll be giving away all my best secrets for VAs to really get a handle on figuring out the optimal niche to sell to. You’ll have access to a recorded copy of the session + a workbook to help you implement what you’ll learn.  For live viewers, you’ll also get the opportunity to ask me about your specific situation and get real-time feedback and direction on choosing your niche!

Is it for me?

If you’re a VA or freelancer and you’ve been struggling to make ends meet, finding it difficult to maintain a consistent client base, and simply really don’t know how to make your offers enticing for potential clients, If this is the first time you’ve been told that choosing a niche is THAT important, this is for you. If you’re looking for an affordable way to get some info out of me, this is for you. 

A Digital Workshop!

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All of a sudden I have clients coming out of my ears. I’ve secured 4., plus have had further inquiries via my fb and insta pages. It’s mad crazy, a little bit scary &mostly down to DNK and Hannah. A huge thank you!

Cara Lester-Smith

Virtual Assistant

I can not thank Hannah enough! In less than two months I have gone from being unsure where to start to having three clients on retainers and proposals out for two more!

Celanna Martin

Virtual Assistant

Easily one the greatest investments you could make if you are looking to make the jump to virtual assistance. Hannah is a fantastic mentor and she’s created such an amazing network that you never feel alone or in the dark.

Thom Knight

Virtual Assistant

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This will help you to identify the perfect niche for YOU. This is a rare opportunity to learn some of the stuff I teach in my higher paying programs at a fraction of the cost!