Virtual Assistant


Hiring Intelligently & Ethically

Hiring with DNK takes all the stress outta the process. All 550 of DNK’s Virtual Assistants are highly trained and well-vetted before being added to our database. We generally only match you with assistants we have worked with directly or who have an impressive portfolio. All of our assistants have taken our training program and are scattered across the globe to account for all timezones.

What Clients Are Saying…

I am so grateful to have found Hannah! Thanks to her amazing network of highly trained and bountifully skilled VAs, I have found the BEST Online Business Manager/VA I could have ever dreamed of finding. I feel so supported, and things are rolling so smooth now! As a Transformational Business Coach, I work with Visionary Entrepreneurs around the world who are also in need of trustworthy and capable support, and it’s been invaluable to know I can reach out to Hannah to help my clients find some of the best & brightest VAs out there!

Willo Sana

Business Coach

I can highly recommend Hannah and her team if you are looking to find the perfect VA for your business.  Hannah asked me a few specific questions about my business and instantly referred me to my current VA. This was a dream connection.I have lost count of how many times I have heard from my fellow coaches or colleagues that they worked with multiple VAs before finally finding one which they could trust and work with. Thanks to Hannah’s brilliant VA matchmaking skills, my very first VA experience was fantastic
and I still work with exactly the same VA today!
Thanks again Hannah!

Eddette Steynberg

Social Media Marketing Coach

Hannah sent three amazing virtual assistants my way, after helping me decide what I needed to outsource and providing me with the tools to hire ethically and responsibly, no-brainer for the cost! 

Dacy Koltai

Business Consultant

Your Match Makers

When you use our match-making service, you’ll be connected with either Hannah or  Thom below. Both team members are integral parts of thr DNK extended community and have formed personal connections with our best assistants for hire. You can rest assured that anyone you get matched with has gone through an extensive vetting procedure and is someone we know personally to be of a good moral standard.


Hannah Dixon

Hannah Dixon is a Business Mentor and Strategist and founder of DNK – who has helped over 8000 millennials create location independent lifestyles through freelancing & entrepreneurship. Hannah has personally matched 150+ VAs with rockstar employers in the past year alone, before joining forces with the handsome Mr. Knight – a match-making extraordinaire. You can usually find Hannah in a hammock eating a burrito. 

Thom Knight

Thom is a total customer service champion who’s friendly, approachable, and someone you can depend on. He knows the importance of having the right player two on your team and this insight, humor, and positive mindset contribute to a professional & comfortable conversation that’s sure to uplift and inspire you. Thom knows every member of the DNK community because he is also a professional stalker. 

How does it work?

1. Click the button below, fill in the form and pay £159.

2. You’ll be matched with either Hannah or Thom for a  20-minute consultation where together we identify your business goals and outsourcing needs. You can ask us any questions during this time and we’ll will help you understand some hiring best practices.

3. You’ll receive up to three suitable candidates within the following week. They will be people whose skills match your most pressing needs and whose personalities are in alignment with both you and your business.

4. Your candidates will contact you to set up an interview. At this point, Hannah or Thom are removed from the process and you can move forward with the VA you choose. If you have any problems or encounter any future questions about your hires, you can contact us anytime! We are yet to find replacement matches for our clients, but if you find yourself unhappy with the three people we put forward, we will do our best to match you with another suitable candidate asap. 😉 

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