Our virtual assistants are often referred to as some of the best out there, so you don’t have to settle for less.Let’s find your unicorn.

Hiring Intelligently & Ethically

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re looking for stellar support. You’re tired of posting in Facebook groups to a chorus of ‘INTERESTED’ comments (sigh) and being no closer to your match. You’re not keen on using Upwork and you really want a more personal approach to your hiring process.

That’s where we come in.

‘We’ being team DNK, and our thousands of highly vetted Virtual Excellence Academy alumni. Our virtual assistants are scattered across the globe, from over 150 countries, with skills and specializations just as diverse.

Are you ready to hire intelligently AND ethically? Scroll down for how!

I used Hannah’s VIP matchmaking service twice and on both occasions she provided me with outstanding virtual assistants. I’ve been working with both for some time now and they are just fantastic, we are even promoting one of them! Truly, I have had a lot of people recommend VAs to me, or point me to services that supposedly place good VAs, but Hannah has provided the best candidates I have ever worked with in my business.

Lisa Fabrega

CEO, Lisa Fabrega

Two Ways to Your Perfect VA:


With this option you can fill in your job details using the form at the bottom of this page and we will share them with our graduate community. While all of our VAs are exceptional in their own right, we cannot guarantee a perfect match due to the impersonal nature of this procedure. What we can guarantee is that the quality of applicants will be significantly superior to what you’d find simply posting into random Facebook groups. If you have a strong understanding of your needs and can clearly communicate them, this may be just right for you.

How it works:

1. Fill in the form at the bottom of this page.
2. Your job ad is posted into the commuity within 24 hours.
3. Sit back and wait for awesome applications to come in!


This is our personalized service, loved by many, where our founder Hannah jumps on a call with you to discuss your needs, and perhaps even helps you to determine your needs in order to find you the perfect match. This service is great if you are nervous, unsure or simply super busy and want to outsource your search. Hannah knows all of her students personally and has a natural intuition when it comes to connecting the right people. This is the risk-free approach to hiring one of our stand-out VAs.

How it works:

1. Click the button below to book and pay for your session with Hannah.
2. Receive our PDF of hiring questions you should be asking during interviews.
3. Hannah gets to work on sourcing, vetting, and connecting you with only the best for your business.
3. You get matched with three perfect VAs, the only problem you’ll have is choosing who to move forward with!
4. You get 1 hire per service. If you have multiple hires to make please email Hannah at hannah@digitalnomadkit.com to get a custom quote

I have worked with several virtual assistants from Hannah’s community over the years and I always send my clients and business friends Hannah’s way when they need online support for their business. They are very skilled, know the tools of the trade, and have competitive rates. I’ve continued to send people to Hannah’s VA community for 5+ years and will continue to do so as I’ve only received great feedback from clients who work with her community members. If you’re looking for a VA, hit up Hannah!

Kimra Luna

Business Strategist, Kimra Luna

Hannah is my go-to when I need to outsource tasks. She is a natural at training high-quality VAs and getting them ready for business. I am now working with two of her VAs on a retainer basis, and I have a network of others ready on demand. Tasks I have outsourced include but are not limited to setting up Dubsado for my clients, assistance with the websites we are hosting, frontend website development, copywriting, setting up an email outreach campaign, and inbox management. What is so special about Hannah is that she really takes the time to get to know her trainees. Whenever I am in need of an expert, she knows just the right person to help me out. My business wouldn’t run so smoothly without the help of her VAs

Steven Taylor

Tech Founder

I can highly recommend Hannah and her team if you are looking to find the perfect VA for your business.  Hannah asked me a few specific questions about my business and instantly referred me to my current VA. This was a dream connection.I have lost count of how many times I have heard from my fellow coaches or colleagues that they worked with multiple VAs before finally finding one which they could trust and work with. Thanks to Hannah’s brilliant VA matchmaking skills, my very first VA experience was fantastic
and I still work with exactly the same VA today!

Thanks again Hannah!

Eddette Steynberg

Social Media Marketing Coach

Read before you proceed:

Please do not proceed with either matching method if you are in the mindset of hiring overseas workers for ‘cheap’, we do not teach our VAs to price themselves according to their location, rather their skills and experience. This is a global marketplace with opportunity for people to lift themselves out of poverty and we do not condone the upkeep of modern slavery. We firmly support elevating skilled workers wherever they may be and pride ourselves on providing employers with exceptional professionals to support and help grow their businesses.

We will not post your job ad if the pay range falls below $15 per hour. You can have a read of this post to get more clarity on acceptable pricing here. Most VAs in our community fall between $20-40 per hour based on their skills and experience.

Core Values

…aka what makes us different?

Diversity & Inclusion

We’re a fully LGBTQIA+ team who have worked damn hard to ensure a safe space for all people, of all genders, colors and backgrounds. You can expect our VAs to come as diverse as it gets.

Fair Pay Advocacy

We don’t subscribe the narrative of ‘how much can I get for my money by exploiting those less privileged’. We’re about creating standards of excellence and work with those who also embody these values.

'Embrace Your Weird'

It’s our motto. You can even get the T-shirt. We train VAs from a place of acceptance of self, all quirks included. Employers come to us seeking unique, confident VAs. No cookie-cutter BS here.

After years of Upwork disasters and disappointments trying to find a tech VA, I was highly recommended to use DNK’s match-making service. The whole process was superb. Hannah took the time to really listen and learn about my needs and matched me up with the *perfect* tech VA. Her follow-up support since has also been excellent. If you need a VA, don’t waste time and money – just go straight to Hannah. When I need more VA help in future, I won’t look anywhere else.
Dave Foy

Online Teacher & Course Creator

Hannah’s service is fantastic and I do recommend it to all online business owners without any hesitation. The matchmaking process was 100% professional and indeed all I had to do was making a choice between three awesome candidates.

Carola Epple

Managing Director

Thank you so much for a superb experience. You are wonderful and the community you’ve built is saving entrepreneurs lives!

Fulya Kocak


Please fill this in ONLY if you have opted for our free standard matching procedure:


DNK’s match-making service is unparalleled! Within the space of two weeks, Hannah connected me with two long-term and high-paying clients, both of whom I never would have found on my own. Not only do I support them as a VA, I’m also an integral part of their business operations and have found so much room to grow, something Hannah knew I was looking for. It was a perfect match and I’m super grateful.

Fai Fetwi

Virtual Assistant


I wrote out who my ideal client might be and I found them the next day in an Inner Circle job post. They are the most awesome client who values me as an assistant and has referred me to their buds as well!

Cara Laban

Virtual Assistant

I am so grateful to have found Hannah! Thanks to her amazing network of highly trained and bountifully skilled VAs, I have found the BEST Online Business Manager/VA I could have ever dreamed of finding. I feel so supported, and things are rolling so smooth now! As a Transformational Business Coach, I work with Visionary Entrepreneurs around the world who are also in need of trustworthy and capable support, and it’s been invaluable to know I can reach out to Hannah to help my clients find some of the best & brightest VAs out there!

Willo Sana

Transformational Business Coach

Two Ways to Your Perfect VA: