Stop the guesswork and start landing AMAZING clients on the regular

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Awesome at what you do, but the money isn’t matching up?

You probably need more (or better) clients. 

One day, I woke up with an idea 💡 An idea that was born from reading way too many posts across numerous freelancer and entrepreneur communities from really smart and talented online services providers who were struggling to land clients.

I thought long and hard about why they struggled so much. I looked at their profiles, I checked their websites, I stalked them a little.

And it dawned on me:

They were simply not doing anything that mattered and/or not doing enough. 

Not doing what matters, or not doing enough when you’re motivated to land clients seems counterproductive doesn’t it? But I get it. When you have the whole internet at your fingertips you can become paralyzed with the daunting task of simply getting started. It’s overwhelming knowing what to do to move the needle on a daily basis.

The thing is – you need to do things, on a regular basis, that will help you move toward your goals. Things that make a difference. 

Your goals presumably being landing awesome clients and having financial security and all the perks that come along with that.

My idea was simple:

What if all Coaches, VAs and freelancers could commit to taking daily meaningful tasks for a short period of time, but just enough time to see results? Just enough time to build a good and consistent habit of showing up in their businesses. Something really truly doable. What if they could turn their fortunes around through the power of accountability and armed with concrete, useful things to do each day? How incredible would it be if they got into a habit of doing enough?

And so, Get Clients Now was born that morning.

After beta testing this course twice in 2021, the results were astounding. People landed clients in every direction, they landed media wins, collaborations, confidence and clarity about how to take steps that actually move the needle in their business. All through informed action.

As I had suspected, results would be achieved, and for you, results will be achieved with this refined and expanded upon version of Get Clients Now.

Obviously, the ultimate goal is for you to land first or new clients, but I am certain that the wins will be varied, from brand awareness, confidence in your business and direction, collaborations, media wins, and more. There’s zero negative consequence of showing up and taking consistent meaningful action in your business!

Get Clients Now will help you to…


Commit to what it takes to make this work


Find a path to clients that feels true and easy for you


Streamline your client acquisition efforts


Stay consistent and develop discipline through following a structure


Establish an ‘in your business’ routine with accountability


Land clients, duh!

Get Clients Now really helped me believe more in myself, get out of my comfort zone and realize that it’s not such a big deal to put yourself out there when you have the right tools, ideas and a supportive community to rely on. My biggest win from taking part in the experiment is that I got more confidence in myself, I opened myself to possibilities that I thought are only available for other people. So, for the first time, I was part of some amazing experiences: I recorded my first podcast interview, I was part of a biz bundle and I was a presenter for an online event. And from now on, this can only go better! Thank you so much, Hannah!

Nina Macarie

Podcast Outreach Manager

Alright, sounds cool, but what do you actually get?!


15 winning ways to land dreamy clients, organically, with examples on how to use them most effectively. No more playing the guessing game. Show up meaningfully, see results.


I’ve equipped you with a nifty identifiers sheet designed to support you in figuring out which strategies will work best for you based on your personlity and comfort level.


But, but, but…No sweat, I’ve included a suggested POA so that you don’t go down the rabbit hole of ‘how, when, how often’. Making landing clients a habit with consistent, easy actions.


Partly fun, partly a way to see what’s working and what’s not. Your success tracker will encourage you to celebrate your wins while getting the data needed to do more of what’s working!

Want to Get Clients Now?

How it works…


Yep. But don’t worry, if you stick to our included suggested plan of action, spread across 15 days, you’ll only need to choose and commit to 5. Because I also want you to get into the mindset that you don’t need to do ALL THE THINGS and be in ALL THE PLACES and that you can and should take a more streamlined focus on your business.


Oh yeah, I have you covered there too. I’ll be providing you with an ‘Identifiers’ sheet, this is to help you understand which methods might suit your personality, goals and target audience best. Ultimately, it won’t matter too much which you choose though, because…



I’ve created a success tracker sheet for you. This will help you stay accountable in taking your daily actions, but also give you a good indicator of what’s working and what’s not. This means at the end of your suggested 15 day sprint, you can toss what’s not working, keep doing more of what is, and utilize any of the other 10 ways to try out for your business too. Cool right?


You probably will. Awesome. Now is the time to implement them in a structured way, if you had truly been, you probably wouldn’t be finding yourself here. 

Getting clients is mastering marketing, and marketing often needs revising and refining. This program is an education in just that.


Coaches, Virtual Assistants, Freelancers – basically any digital service providers seeking new clients.



This is a full course hosted on a course platform. Once you purchase, you’ll be enrolled and prompted to create logins. You then have lifetime access. The course is in written format, broken up into the 15 digestible methods, followed by your included sheets which are created on Google sheets and available for you to copy as keep as your own. 

Want to Get Clients Now?

This program was fun and opened my eyes to new possibilities. It helped me gain new connections and face my fear of visibility. Thank you Hannah and Team DNK!🥳

Shayla Bunting

CEO & Virtual Assistant

This program helped me understand the importance of getting yourself out there. And because there’s 15 different ways, there’s something in there for everyone.

Get Clients Now helped me figure out which methods work best for me. I got better at engaging with my target audience and it gave me new ideas to find clients.

I gained more followers on my social media profiles, got more engagement on my posts, had a great discovery call with potential for the future and landed a new client!

Dee Blaak

Virtual Assistant

Within the first 48 hours of doing one of the 15 methods, I had two discovery calls booked, one of these people is now a long-term client. I also got the opportunity to be a podcast guest on one of my favorite shows! Loved this program so much and refer back to it often.

Kim Gorchs

Yoga Teacher & Instinctive Meditation Coach

Ready for Results?

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Who is your host?

Hannah Dixon is a Business & Lifestyle Design Coach, and Founder of Digital Nomad Kit, one of the largest and longest running VA and freelancer training platforms. She’s trained over 30,000 freelancers who go on to work with top entrepreneurs and thought leaders. On the flip side, she also provides a done-for-you recruitment service for entrepreneurs looking to hire ethically and intelligently.

Hannah focuses on creating standards of excellence in the remote work space with regards to ethical pay, diversity, and creating meaningful communities. Her highest value is freedom and she believes that everyone deserves a career that can give them personal freedom and flexibility to lead a life they want, not one that is given. 

After 16 years of continuous travel, she’s a staple in the digital nomad scene and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, The James Altucher Report, iNews, Thrive Global, DNX and numerous other media outlets and stages on travel and entrepreneurship.