Delegate: When Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

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When I started my virtual assistant journey 10 years ago, hiring a Virtual Assistant seemed more like a well-kept secret that only the savviest online entrepreneurs were hip to.

Fast forward to 2023, and times have changed drastically; now, entrepreneurs and SMBs worldwide are hiring these skilled remote workers to boost the performance of their teams and make their businesses run like well-oiled machines. Each year, increasingly larger enterprises are joining the fold, meaning the recognition and demand for quality VAs are at an all-time high.

If you’ve landed on this article, you probably have a good idea of what a Virtual Assistant is and what they can do. I have plenty of resources that cover this extensively – from the different services that VAs might offer to comparisons between some of their virtual counterpoints like Online Business Managers (OBMs.)

Looking at these options, it feels like anything is possible, but if you’re considering hiring as a entreprenuer, firstly, it’s essential to know when it’s the right time to bring a VA to your business. Of course, there are many situations and signs that scream “time to outsource,” but here are my top five!

1) You’re frustrated because you can’t focus on your strengths and passions.

You built this business, you undoubtedly know what you’re good what and what aspects excite you the most. But when you’re wearing too many hats (or literally all the hats), you’ll quickly find yourself spread thin and pulled away from your zone of genius. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself having to learn new skills entirely just to keep up with the needs of your growing business. This leads to a level of frustration that can take a costly toll because the constant juggling will prevent you from showing up where it matters most.  

Bringing in a VA allows you to reclaim and redistribute your time in a way that suits your lifestyle and workflow by handling vital maintenance tasks, or expert projects that you don’t have the time to study up on. Meanwhile, you can shift your focus back on the things you do best or carve out more personal time, knowing that your business is in good hands.

2) You’re exhausted from spending too much time on little tasks.

Review your calendar. Check your email. Write replies. Clear your inbox. Website maintenance. Remove bot comments on your social posts. The list goes on, and once you’re done, you realize more than half the day is gone. Spoiler alert: You have to do it again tomorrow.

The seemingly ‘little’ daily tasks that keep your business afloat can be highly time-consuming. If you know what it takes to make your business tick and the hours, why not outsource those hours to Virtual Assistant? You can relieve yourself of the burden and take a deep breath, knowing that nothing is falling through the cracks under your VA’s watchful eyes.

3) You’re ready for the investment and understand the value that you’re getting.

Virtual assistants aren’t an expense; they’re an investment.

A decade ago, VAs were being hired for near pennies from countries in Southeast Asia, but thankfully, there’s been a rise in ethical hiring over the years – something that I have firmly advocated for from day one as a Virtual Assistant coach. Today, you can expect to pay rates of $20/hour for an entry-level Virtual Assistant, and the investment is well worth it when it’s something as precious as the maintenance and growth of a business you have worked so hard to build. 

Your investment in a skilled VA comes back in spades as they invest their time and expertise into your business, bringing creative and innovative ideas and solutions to the table. What would it be worth to put 20, 40, or 60+ hours back into your calendar every month? No more anxiety that your entire business will fall apart if you take a well-deserved vacation.

4) You have realistic expectations of what the role of a VA is and is not.

Let’s make one thing clear: VAs are not there to build your business; they’re there to make it run better. VAs are not unicorns that can revive a failing business (hire a consultant for that), nor should they be expected to singlehandedly perform the task load of an entire small team – they’re one human being, not a robot.

If you have built and established a profitable business that you want to expand, but you’re being held back from doing so because you’re stuck in daily repetitive task, then a VA will be the perfect addition to your business.

Remember that these are independent contractors who are not bound by the traditional 9 to 5 schedule, but that doesn’t mean they lack schedules entirely. Most VAs choose working hours that suit their schedule, and no, they aren’t available at all hours of the night and day. Be clear in communicating your needs and mindful of how you schedule and use the time in your VA’s retainer and you’ll create a work environment where they can show up at their best and deliver results that are second to none!

5) You’re ready to learn, collaborate, and take things to the next level!

Working with a Virtual Assistant is a great experience, and if you build a solid relationship with them, you will quickly find that you have an invaluable partner who brings in new growth, top-tier support, and a level of ease that extends into your personal life. But you have to be ready for all that that entails. 

Full disclosure: It may come with a learning curve, or it may require a level of structure around when and how you delegate and communicate. If you’re used to working alone and have never outsourced before, it also means acquiring a willingness to let go of control and let your VA do their job. 

If you’re ready to approach the new journey with an open mind and respect for your VAs time and boundaries, it’s a worthwhile experience with incredible benefits..

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Were you nodding along with these five points? If so, then congratulations – it’s time to delegate!

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But, how?


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