Client Experience 101

for VAs & Online Service Providers

Learn actionable steps you can take immediately to create VIP experiences for your clients from start to finish.

Earn a VIP reputation and receive VIP rates!



Recorded workshop

Lifetime Access

Workbook included

BONUS: Client Experience checklist

Investment: $75

ROI: Priceless!

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What will we cover together?

  • What client experience (CX) even is and why creating an awesome CX is important for your business
  • Where you may be failing your clients and losing money without a CX system
  • The ingredients that make an exceptional CX
  • The tools needed to make it come to life
  • How you want your client to FEEL when interacting with you and your business
  • The most important ‘touchpoints’ for your clients
  • An easy to follow workbook you can refer to forever
  • Examples of feel-good client experiences out in the wild to prompt ideas for your own business
  • Lifetime access to all this juicy goodness – all for only $75!

Hannah is endlessly resourceful and full of good energy. What I love about her training is that it’s practical, you get everything you need and nothing you don’t, she doesn’t waste your time with nonsense and genuinely cares about her students.

Indira Wislocki, Virtual Assistant

CX workshop is one of those where you get more value than the amount of money you invested. Just like always with Hannah and DNK team, I learned something new. For example, I never thought I could send a b-day gift to my client, thinking that might seem unprofessional. But to the contrary! I now understand why that is a small but excellent gesture. I already implemented it, and I got a lot of credit from my client. Overall, the workshop gives a great run-down of all the small things a VA should be mindful of while creating and maintaining a relationship with a client. A great thing to not only watch once but to come back to from time to time.

Dina Bralic, Virtual Assistant

I was so excited when Hannah invited me to attend her class on client experience. It came at the right time for me as this subject has been on my radar recently and I’ve seen no other VA trainer teach this. There are many teachings out there about how to market yourself and structure your services, but not enough on how to really enhance your experience with those clients once you actually get them.

Hannah’s Client Experience 101 class was brilliant and super helpful. She delivered well and was very engaging. She dropped lots of nuggets of wisdom that I hadn’t thought of, which I’m looking forward to taking on board in my VA business.

I loved how everything she talked about during the live session was also written down in her wonderful workbook that she provided us with. I do best with written info and this has saved me from writing up any notes – I just listened, annotated it and highlighted the most important points in it for me.

It’s only a shame that I didn’t have access to this knowledge when I first started my business 5 years ago. I would definitely recommend this course if you need help improving your client experience skills.

Toks Coyle, Virtual Assistant

This is THE workshop to attend to learn the stuff no one else is teaching you. The stuff that TRULY moves the needle in your VA or freelance business.

No more guessing why a client picked someone else.

No more comparing yourself to other freelancers.

This workshop will show you exactly what sets you apart from others in the industry so you can go forward with absolute clarity about how to curate meaningful collaborations and secure higher pay for the value you bring.

Levelling up your client experience is the single best thing you can do for you, your clients, and the health and longevity of your career.

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Who is Hannah Dixon?

Hannah Dixon is a Business & Lifestyle Design Coach, and Founder of Digital Nomad Kit, one of the largest and longest running VA and freelancer training platforms. She’s trained over 30,000 freelancers who go on to work with top entrepreneurs and thought leaders. On the flip side, she also provides a done-for-you recruitment service for entrepreneurs looking to hire ethically and intelligently.

Hannah focuses on creating standards of excellence in the remote work space with regards to ethical pay, diversity, and creating meaningful communities. Her highest value is freedom and she believes that everyone deserves a career that can give them personal freedom and flexibility to lead a life they want, not one that is given. 

After 16 years of continuous travel, she’s a staple in the digital nomad scene and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, The James Altucher Report, iNews, Thrive Global, DNX and numerous other media outlets and stages on travel and entrepreneurship.