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Every online business owner, including Virtual Assistants, should be in possession of a business card.


Especially if they intend to attend (that’s a tongue-twister) in-person networking events like conferences or exhibitions. Even a simple day at a coworking space may require a business card or two, you never know who you may bump into and you don’t really want to be caught empty-handed when someone asks.

In the past I’d have sent you all on a mission to design your cards on Canva and have them printed en masse with the likes of moo.com. However we don’t live in a world where creating extra paper waste is something we can do with good conscience, nor do we live in a world where people are as willing to accept anything tangible that could transmit a pathogen without really good cause. Let’s be honest here.

So where does that leave us?

The ‘Viral’ QR Code

Invented in 1994 by Masahiro Hara in Japan, QR codes were used as a way to quicken the car manufacturing process by being able to identify parts at speed. It would take over 15 years and a whole pandemic to make them popular beyond their original intent, and I’m glad that they survived. I was a always a fan of the humble QR code. Around 6 years ago I began using them in my business but the truth is that most folks either didn’t know what they were, couldn’t figure out how to use them, or they simply didn’t possess tech that allowed them to scan one! Naturally, I stopped using them, assuming they were a fad and simply weren’t going to catch on.

Enter 2020 and the Covid-19 pandemic. We all know what happens next. Jump forward to a world of intermittent lockdowns, of face coverings and isolation, of the need to social distance, and the ultimate rise of the QR code.

These cute puzzle-like squares finally made their way into the hearts of the masses and technology had adapted too. They allow for swift delivery of food to our tables, for getting information in public spaces, for use as boarding passes on planes and trains, paying for goods and services, and even for vaccine passes. They’re everywhere – the QR code is finally in it’s prime and you should get on board. 🚂

Image Description: Close-up of two human hands hand holding a smartphone with a QR code on a restaurant table behind it. 

The Eco-Friendly Business Card

These codes eliminate a need for menus, pamphlets, flyers, and yep, you know where this is going, business cards! I was quick on the uptake of the Tappy Card, introduced last year. As I said, I always had a fondness for QR technology as I’ve always been a fan of simplicity and minimalism, which they most definitely provide. As much as Tappy Cards are cool, you don’t need to go out and purchase one, unless you want to. Tappy uses NFC to ‘tap’ and open up your digital business card or the QR logo on your card, I’ve found the NFC function to be cumbersome and finnicky. You can make your very own unlimited use, single business card for free using only QR codes – that’s the only thing I do now!  

Here’s how:

1. Go to this generator (you can use another one, I just like this one because the free option is very versatile).

2. Input your desired URL – for a traditional business card experience, you can simply link to a pdf version of an actual business card (like so) or a page on your website that acts as one. However, it can also be a page with multiple links on your website (or your LinkTree URL), or it can be a single purpose link, like your calendar booking link, website, freebie signup, your porfolio link, or even your Linkedin profile. You choose!

See video below to see how quick and easy it is to create a cool looking QR code with your logo too!


Once you’ve gotten your QR code ready to roll, the MOST eco-friendly way to share your digital business card would be to simply have the code as your phone screen’s wallpaer. When someone asks for your details, you can simply flash your phone and they can scan it! Ta-da!

Extra tips: Your QR code will need adequate contrast in order to work, so ensure you’ve got dark over light backgrounds and vice versa. You can use the ‘remove background’ feature on Canva to do what it says on the tin, remove the background of your QR codes. The below video shows you how to find the wallpaper template on Canva, from there feel free to go wild with your design!

You could have a sticker printed that goes on your laptop, phone case, notepad, or name tag when you’re at events too. My sticker printing service of choice has always been stickermule, but if you only need a couple then a local printers may be a better deal as stickermule has a minimum of 15 prints.

Image description: A silver MacBook laptop lies flat on a wooden table with a QR code sticker attached. 

Get Creative

Ultiimately it’s up to you to get creative with how and where you use your QR code ‘business card’. What’s most important is that you now understand that there is zero necessity for you to carry paper cards anymore. That’s not to say that a couple in your wallet won’t come in handy, there’ll still be the odd person who won’t have a scanner, but 99% of the time your QR code will serve you very well! 

Are you already on the QR bandwagon? Business cards are just ONE way you can use QR codes in your VA biz, how will you use them? Let me know how in the comments 👇👇

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  1. Sally Timpson

    Love this. I’m doing a simalar thing with a client that wants to add a QR code to their ID cards.

    But love the sticker idea for me 👍. Great tip!

    • Hannah Dixon

      Awesome! Yeah stickers are a fabulous way to go about things. Definitely share a photo of yours in the Inner Circle once you’ve made yours 🙂

  2. Johnny Mark

    Hey, great article about the digital business card. I have recently heard somewhere about this business card, and found it so effective and unique way for the networking.
    Thank you so much for sharing more about this, I enjoyed reading this one.


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