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10 Ways You’re Scaring Off Clients Unintentionally

The quest for awesome clients is an ongoing endeavour for Virtual Assistants. While it only takes a handful of clients to meet and surpass your income goals, it can feel like an impossible feat when you find yourself struggling in this important area of your...

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The What, Why and How of Building WordPress Websites

Released in 2003, WordPress was intended to be a humble, free blogging software but has grown into the most popular content management system.  Powerful, versatile, and capable of publishing websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores of all types, WordPress has an avid...

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Am I Too Old to Be a VA? Will Clients Hire Me at My Age?

With over seven years of training Virtual Assistants, this is one of the most common concerns people bring up. Understandably so, with the rampant ageism problem in the corporate world.  We're proud to say that at the Virtual Excellence Academy, we've trained VAs in...

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