Find out everything you need to know and more about Virtual Assistance and working remotely.

Am I Too Old to Be a VA? Will Clients Hire Me at My Age?

With over seven years of training Virtual Assistants, this is one of the most common concerns people bring up. Understandably so, with the rampant ageism problem in the corporate world.  We're proud to say that at the Virtual Excellence Academy, we've trained VAs in...

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VA vs. OBM, What’s the Difference?

If you've been around Digital Nomad Kit for a while, you've probably heard my definition of what a Virtual Assistant is. "A Virtual Assistant is someone who assists people virtually." Such a broad definition opens up an expansive range of services you can provide to...

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Three Simple Ways to Land VA Clients Right Away!

Whether you're brand new or experienced as a Virtual Assistant, finding clients can feel daunting without a few strategies in your tool box. You may think you need to buy ad space, follow complex marketing strategies, or compete with low bids on gig sites (ew!) but...

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