Ways you can be a better business owner to other business owners

by | Jan 4, 2019 | 1 comment

Don’t take their business card unless you plan to use it or there isn’t a digital means to connect:

  1. From an environmental standpoint, there is no need for wasting resources, set an example. 
  2. People pay for the cards, if you’re not going to use them you’re letting them waste money.

Unsubscribe from their email list if you’re not really interested:

  1. Clear up your inbox, you big mess!
  2. How would you like to pay for people to be on your list who don’t care about what you’re doing?
  3. While you’re at it, run a re-engagement campaign of your own list and delete all your cold subscribers too 😉

When you google a business, don’t hit the sponsored ad, scroll to the native listing:

  1. Support businesses by not making them pay for your lazy searching. Simply scroll to the native listing on google, not the top paid ad version that charges them. 

Cite people, ideas and organizations that have helped or inspired your work:

  1. It makes people feel good and encourages them to keep going.
  2. They’ll remember you and likely reciprocate the shout out or be at your service in another way later down the line.

    Good manners should extend into business

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But, how?

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