Affiliate Agreement

Thanks for your interest in affiliating 🙂

How much can I make?

The default commission, unless agreed otherwise, is 25% for The VA Starter Kit & Legacy Kit.

How long are cookies tracked?

180 days. So if you sent people to a challenge in January and they eventually purchased in May, you’d receive a commission still.


Our affiliate system pays out automatically via Paypal (read more about our Paypal requirements in the additional info section below) 30 days after initial purchases. This is the same for split pay or subscription payments too.

How can I promote?

Oh! SO MANY WAYS. Here are some ideas:

  • Simply posting about the beginner’s guide or 5 Day VA challenge if you have an engaged social media audience
  • Doing a Q&A interview with me where I can educate your audience on a number of VA related topics.
  • Writing a blog post on becoming a VA and directing traffic to this
  • Running email campaigns if you have a healthy list has worked well for others.
  • Talking to people! Yes! Like in real life! Have your shortened link ready in your notes app on your phone, ready to share at all times.
  • Running paid ads on Facebook or Instagram.

Want to interview me or work with me on a promotional campaign? Email me: Please use subject line ‘Affiliate Promo’.

We email affiliates before launches with important dates and also inform you if we have further products added to our referral system that you may be interested in promoting too. 

Do you have any promotional creatives or copy I can use?

Yes. We are currently updating our affiliate creatives and when complete you will find a list with creatives and copy prompts. We don’t like if you simply copy and paste, this is to avoid multiple affiliates coming across spammy. We like you to alter what we give you to suit your audience – but go wild with the images! – also using the link preview image on your links is perfectly acceptable too 😉

Remember that the best promotions are heartfelt, sincere personal reviews and experiences of our programs.


We reserve the right to revoke your affiliate access, even if in the middle of an organic or paid campaign, if you do not agree to the following:

– Never using words or terminology that could be considered offensive to ANYONE. We are super inclusive and promote diversity as part of our core messaging.

– Never harassing people to purchase. What does harassing mean? Never pushing anyone to the point of discomfort. We promote in a very natural way. We like people to feel informed and educated before making a decision, if you use pushy or uncomfortable tactics beyond this and we receive any complaint about it, we will review your partnership with us.

– Cookies and tracking: your cookies last for 180 days. These can be (although in rare cases) overridden by users clearing their cookie history and is something we, nor any other affiliate center, have control over. Therefore we cannot take responsibility in the event of this happening.

– We expect you to cross check facts with us if you are unsure of anything. Never make claims about DNK, the programs we offer, Hannah Dixon or any of the DNK team without doing your due diligence.

– We expect you to let us know if you are considering other affiliate partnerships that could be in conflict with our products and offerings. For example, other VA programs. We like to foster trust with our audience and know that consistency is key for that to happen. Therefore we are committed reciprocal value-driven and loyal working partnerships.

– Affiliates are rewarded monetarily on recorded sales only. Assumed, or word of mouth sales will not be honored. Please ensure you use your links and explicitly request the use of them when talking with people privately about our programs if there is any doubt.

– Affiliates agree to not stealing sales from other affiliates or DNK. What does this look like? Affiliate A or DNK posts a promotional post and Affiliate B comments on this post with their link, or offers to talk to another commenter privately to ‘steal’ the sale and get the person to use their link. We have a zero tolerance policy on sharky tactics.

– We require you to have a PayPal business account in order to become an affiliate partner. This is so that we can verify you as a business entity or freelancer and keep above board books on payouts. This is mandatory.

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