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Are you a VA looking to uplevel your skillset, bump up your rates, or join a niche that is currently in super high demand?


Are you a service based business owner looking to create a deeper connection with your audience?


Do you have a killer idea for a podcast, but have no clue where to start?

The Podcast industry is BOOMING right now. Podcasting has grown by over 200% just in the last few years, becoming a billion dollar a year market in 2021.

Now is the time to hop into this blazing market.

It can be a bit tricky to navigate the ins and outs of how to actually get a podcast thriving and surviving.

And because we’re human, you’re always bound to miss something….

But, what if you had everything you needed to become a podcast specialist all in one place?

It’s time to level up and niche down.

Join Hannah Dixon, founder of Digital Nomad Kit, and one of her stellar DNK VA Starter Kit alumni and podcast expert, Amanda Sloan in presenting:



An immersive, self-paced training course that will teach you exactly what you need, and what you don’t when starting a podcast for you or your client.

Meet Amanda Sloan:

Amanda Sloan loves podcasts. She’s a content creator and copywriter specializing in podcasts at Thankful Cow Solutions, and co-host of the podcast Geek Herring. You’ll find her talking and writing about feminist discourse, all things geeky, vegan food and nutrition, podcasting, travel, and positive mindset.

Amanda loves podcasting SO MUCH that she teamed up with DNK to share with you all her industry knowledge, skills, tips, and tricks to create, launch, edit, and distribute successful podcasts all in one self-paced course. (WOW! Thanks Amanda!)

As a virtual assistant & DNK student herself, Amanda understands the struggles and overwhelm that comes along with podcasting whether it’s for yourself or a client. She created this course to not only save you a headache, but also to save you precious time. 

The Podcast Kit will guide you through all the basics and how-to’s…

From the comfort of your own couch or while you’re swinging your legs off the side of a mountain in Machu Picchu (although you might not have the greatest WiFi signal there!)

Let’s dive into what’s included:


Lifetime access to The Podcast Kit (including updates)


Become a DNK certified Podcast Manager

Navigate through the growing market of podcasting


Get ahead of the learning curve & sound like a pro when you learn all the industry-specific lingo with our Podcast Terminology 101


Cut out hours of googling and guessing with our easy and accessible audio equipment breakdown


Access to the Podcast Workbook: designed to help keep you on track, organized, and efficient for the beginning stages of podcast production


Learn the different formats of episodes, lengths, and the importance of writing in podcasting

Structure and prepare podcasts efficiently and effortlessly

Optimize your workflow for a smooth and streamlined process


Craft a successful launch program

Network within the podcast community


Learn the nitty-gritty of recording and editing podcasts

Understand how to utilize hosting platforms and publishing​​ podcasts

Extensive modules throughout packed with PDF’s, videos, templates, links, and resources

Learn how to use podcasting as an essential business marketing tool


Podcast VA packages: an organized breakdown of all your awesome new skills to land high-paying clients

Special Bonus: Podcast Branding, one of the most important aspects of marketing your own or your clients podcast

Full Curriculum

Welcome to the Podcast Kit

Welcome (0:36)

Podcasting 101

What Is a Podcast?
A Growing Market
Podcast for Business
Podcast Terminology 101
Podcast Equipment

Setting the Stage

Your Podcast Workbook (5:09)
Creating a List of Topics
Market Research
Formatting a Podcast
Episode Length
Podcast Structure & Preparation
First Episodes

The Production Process

Project Management for Podcasts (6:50)
Recording a Podcast
Solo Recording
Recording a Solo Podcast on Audacity (2:51)
Recording with Guests
Recording Tips
Editing Software
Editing a Podcast (10:08)

Publishing Your Podcast

RSS Feeds (0:05)
How to Choose a Podcast Host
Other Hosting Platforms
Distributing a Podcast

Shownotes & More

Why Writing Matters
How to Title Podcast Episodes (0:14)
Writing Podcast Shownotes
SEO, Keywords, & Tags (1:36)

Launching Your Podcast

Finding an Audience
Creating a Launch Plan
Consistency Tips
Using a Podcast as a Business Marketing Tool

Podcast Management for VAs

Most Common Tasks of Podcast VA’s
Podcast VA Packages
Backend Management (19:20)
Become a Stat-Addict (7:07)
Podcast Groups & Communities
Content Repurposing
Guest Outreach
Guest Outreach Templates
Podcast Pitch Templates
Guest Media Release

BONUS: Podcast Branding

What IS a brand?
Naming Your Podcast
Writing Your Podcast Description
Podcast Music
Podcast Artwork
The Colour Scheme
Podcast Logo & Artwork
Podcast Fonts
Do You Need a Website?
Companies I Recommend Working With

Bonuses: Downloadable Checklists, Factsheets & Workbooks

  • All the podcast jargon broken down
  • What equipment is the best for your purposes
  • A workbook to help you create the podcast you’ve always wanted to
  • “While You’re Recording” downloadable checklist

Plus, you’ll get lifetime access to the course, including any updates, new modules, and other awesome additions.

Get The Podcast Kit today and Level UP!