Start and grow your VA or freelance business with confidence, clarity, and connections!

Dates: September 16 – 20

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Are you ready for big change?

Want to become financially free, have flexible working hours and work from anywhere?

This challenge will give you incredible clarity on how to start your own successful Virtual Assistant or freelance business and have just that: freedom  + flexibility. 

What to expect:  

  • You’ll be challenged to look at your existing skills, core values & why you want to be a VA so that you can start with strong foundations. 
  • Find out who you want to be working with and how you can serve them best from the get-go, we’ll also give you tips on how to find these clients!
  • Immerse yourself into a high-vibe, supportive community who have your best interests at heart. Many have walked away with new besties!
  • Find out the BEST way to find your first (or next) clients without paying for ads or spamming people – a tried and true system you can use over and over. 
  • Inspiring opportunities to hold yourself and others accountable with our winning accountability buddy system. 
  • Uplevel your entrepreneurial mindset and take actions that will immediately have an impact, no fluff, no nonsense, just stuff that works. 
  • Leave that comfort zone! This is where real change and magic can happen. I encourage you to join with an open heart and mind to really make the most of it!
  • Livestream Q&A sessions with me, your host, Hannah, where you can get my personal insights and feedback on your burning VA questions. 
  • Lots of fun twists and turns! I like to tailor the content to each individual group, so there’s always something fresh and fun initiatives to help you along the way. 

You really can even land your first paying client within 5 days if you show up, trust the process do the work! You wouldn’t be the first nor last….

Launch your VA business the right way!

I met super cool people and got a client by the end of the challenge!

Indira Wislocki

Absolutely life changing experience! I landed a client the first week!!

Melissa Plumley

The 5 day VA Challenge was the tipping point, that was the end of the old me and the beginning of my new life, literally.

Gabriela Valdez

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September 16 – 20

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we receive regarding the 5 Day VA Challenge, but don’t worry too much – everything is super easy to follow and after signing up you will receive all the necessary info 🙂 

What are the requirements for this challenge?

Almost none! Access to a laptop and smartphone, plus good wifi and a good attitude are all that is required.

How is this delivered and how much time will it take?

You will have access to a learning portal for your lessons, plus a private Facebook community where you will get support along the way. The challenge is designed to have no set times as we attract a global audience and many busy 9 to 5ers.  I recommend putting aside at least one hour per day (in your own time) for this challenge – the more time you can give it the better though – as with anything!

Can I really get a paying client in one week?

Absolutely, we’ve seen it happen many times in this challenge. We push you to do things you wouldn’t normally do to get different results – if you’re up for putting in the work you stand a much better chance at success. I’m always there to give you a soft push if I see you slacking too 😉

This is a lot of free help, why do you do this?

I believe that everyone should have options, everyone should be aware of what those options are, and how they can make a start at a new life and career if that’s what they choose. This challenge gives people the knowledge they need to either continue pursuing this career – or to realize it’s simply not for them. There are opportunities for further career development after this 5 day program and you will be made aware of them.

What People Are Saying…

I feel so inspired by Hannah (THANK YOU) and everyone working toward their visions. I literally was on the brink of giving up on digital nomad life when I found Digital Nomad Kit. I now know it IS possible to be location independent and that it requires work, community support, tolerance for failure and the ability to get back up and be persistent and driven.

Simone Johnson

Virtual Assistant

I was working in hospitality and had to completely pivot my career due to the pandemic. I was completely starting over! Since I started the course I already have 4-5 clients (if I’m able to handle the 5th) I really can’t believe how quickly I got work haha!

Cara Laban

Virtual Assistant

The 5 Day VA was a great push to help me make needed updates and build up the nerve to approach others and sell my services. The community and camaraderie was AMAZING and Hannah really took time to leave meaningful feedback, which absolutely impressed me. I loved the International community as well!

Lori Quick

VA/Digital Marketer


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Who is Hannah Dixon?

Hannah Dixon is a Business & Lifestyle Design Coach, and Founder of Digital Nomad Kit, one of the largest and longest running VA and freelancer training platforms. She’s trained over 30,000 freelancers who go on to work with top entrepreneurs and thought leaders. On the flip side, she also provides a done-for-you recruitment service for entrepreneurs looking to hire ethically and intelligently.

Hannah focuses on creating standards of excellence in the remote work space with regards to ethical pay, diversity, and creating meaningful communities. Her highest value is freedom and she believes that everyone deserves a career that can give them personal freedom and flexibility to lead a life they want, not one that is given. 

After 16 years of continuous travel, she’s a staple in the digital nomad scene and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, The James Altucher Report, iNews, Thrive Global, DNX and numerous other media outlets and stages on travel and entrepreneurship.