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Digital Nomad Kit was founded way back in 2015 by Hannah, when the world was fresh to the concept of a ‘Virtual Assistant’ and the media thought the digital nomad thing simply wouldn’t catch on. We have since come to be known as one of the most highly regarded resources for VA training, and where top entrepreneurs turn to hire talented VAs ethically and intelligently. Now the media knocks on our digital doors to get our expert input on the ins and outs of digital nomad life.

Times have changed, and yet we are still ahead of the curve, providing our VA learners with future-forward training, tools, and ideas to thrive long-term. We have enabled thousands of people from all over the world to pursue a life of travel, flexibility, and financial freedom. And we’ve done so while breaking down traditional concepts of work and living, and having fun every step of the way!

As pioneers in the world of remote work, we continue to trail blaze as the future of work is embraced and celebrated universally. We work with individuals who hold pioneering spirits, who know there is more to life than working for someone else’s dream. Who know that with the right people in the right places, we can all pursue a lifestyle that succeeds the traditional concept of a work/life balance. Where life is to be enjoyed and work is merely a natural extension of this.

We believe productivity is not defined by the hours spent in a cubicle, and that success is defined on an individual level.

There’s no one way to live, and there’s no one way to work. Let’s design your business & lifestyle together!

Years in the VA Industry

Entrepreneurs Hiring Ethically

Burritos consumed by the team

Virtual Assistants Trained

But, how?

Next Steps?

Let’s start at the beginning…


….and I’m here to help you on your way to a location independent career.

These are the types of people I love to help:

  • You’re in a soul-sucking 9 to 5 and don’t see a reasonable alternative to
    quit with peace of mind
  • You’ve quit said soul-sucking job (congrats) and you’re exploring ways
    to work for yourself
  • You’re a stay at home parent who wants a career that allows you to
    spend more time with your kids
  • You’re a travel addict (hello friend!) looking for a legit way to earn a
    substantial income from anywhere
  • You live somewhere where jobs are scarce and/or pay is low and you’re ready to forge your own path

If you fit within these categories, I’m super happy you landed here on this website because I have the answers you have been seeking – and they all point to a career choice that’s future-proof and legit (no more MLMS or telemarketing gigs – phew!).

Core Values

...aka what makes us different?

Diversity & Inclusion

As a fully woman & LGBTQIA+ led team, we 're naturally doing the damn work to ensure a safe space for all and doing our utmost to elevate the voices of oppressed groups.

Fair Pay Advocacy

We don't subscribe the narrative of 'how much can I get for my money by exploiting those less privileged'. We're about creating standards of excellence across borders.

'Embrace Your Weird'

It's our motto. You can even get the T-shirt. We train VAs from a place of acceptance of self, all quirks included. Employers come to us seeking unique, confident VAs.

Meaningful Community

Co-working, retreats, difficult conversations, friendship and more. We provide a sanctuary in our VA support community where everyone matters and connection thrives.